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We are a dynamic and dedicated team deeply immersed in the realm of innovation and cutting-edge technologies. Our passion for the boundless possibilities presented by emerging technologies, including the IoT, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision, led us to establish Webee. Specializing in creating solutions that optimize operational efficiency, we have developed a comprehensive platform that oversees Machine & Production, monitors Water utilization, and tracks Energy consumption. Our mission is to drive positive change by minimizing downtime, reducing costs, and actively contributing to the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions. Committed to accelerating ESG initiatives, we are proud to play a pivotal role in shaping sustainable industrial operations across the United States.

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​Lucas Funes ​

CEO & Founder

As Electronic Engineer, Master in Innovation Lucas firmly believes in technology and the endless possibilities it brings to create transcendental things for humanity.

Entrepreneurial by nature with more than 20 years of experience, he created innovative cutting-edge enterprise technology products and solutions in different industry verticals, and lead successful high impact engineering teams. Lucas is a Stanford Latino Entrepreneur and specializes in disruptive technologies. 

Ana Cecilia Flores 

COO & Co-Founder

Cecilia Flores is a tech entrepreneur passionate about the social impact of disruptive technologies and innovation. She co-founded Webee in 2013 to increase the efficiency, visibility and sustainability of industrial operations. In July 2020 she was named the Best US Enterprise SaaS winner of the Female Founders Competition, a major global competition organized by MicroSoft's M12, Melinda Gates' Pivotal Venture and Mayfield Fund.Cecilia's career spans over 15 years in operator roles driving revenue for multinational businesses.